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Alliance Board 2022 - 2023

Alliance Executive and Delegates


Nathan Schulz

Past President:

Deborah Joy-Sykes


Secretary & Liaison officer:

Dianne Robinson

Assistant Secretary


Sonia Gava & Peta Schulz

Media & Marketing: 

Nathan Schulz

Assist  Marketing, Web:

Joel Beskin

Ballina Players:

Karen Goodsell, Lyn Gough

Gold Coast City Choir:

Gill Duffy,  

Gold Coast Little Theatre:

Amy Anderson,Julanne Shearer

Gold Coast Philharmonic Orchestra

Lyn Anderson 

Gold Coast Youth Orchestra

Bruce Davidson 

Harmony in Paradise

Heather Kingsley Smith, Elsie Shepherd

Javeenbah Theatre Company

Jake Goodall, Jocelyn Moore-Carter

Mercury's Wing's Theatre

Joel Beskin

Murwillumbah Theatre Company

Bryanne Jardine, Karen Kester

Seventh Circle Theatre Company

Baikie David, Allessandra Raed

Shepherd's Purse Theatre Company:

Solar Chapel, Salsa Junior

Spotlight Theatrical Company:

Erica Graham, Joel Beskin

Tamborine Mountain Little Theatre:

Catherine Buckley

The Drama Merchant:

Nathan Schulz, Thian Sykes

Tugun Theatre Company:

Robert Quirk, Judy Neumann 

Tweed Theatre Company:

Natalie Trengove, Doug Williams 

Vocalescence Choir

Michelle McCuaig, Gillian Morgan

A Brief Synopsis of the Gold Coast Theatre Alliance



The concept of a Theatre Co-operative was first openly discussed in 1995. Meetings with a group of interested theatre companies and a number of Cultural Summits instigated by the Gold Coast City Council were held for discussions. Under the facilitation of the Gold Coast City Council Development Dept the Gold Coast Alliance was formed  in 1997 and became an incorporated Organisation on December 3rd 1998.. Original shakers and movers included Joel Beskin (Spotlight – current Secretary of Media), Alistair Beer (Javeenbah), David Keane (Development Officer – GCCC) –  John Rees Osborne and Lyn McPherson (Gold Coast Little Theatre).


As written by Alistair Beer (2001):


The broad concepts and goals were simplistic:


Raise the profile of Live Performance arts activities on the Gold Coast

Pursue Marketing opportunities

Formulate ideas and initiatives, the outcomes of which would benefit all member theatre Companies to increase audiences, improve the artistic product and improve facilities and resources.


The Alliance is now in its 25th year. The first Launch was held in November 2001 and 2018 was the 17th successive Launch held by this Arts Organization. In January 2023 we will celbrate our 25th year  and our 22nd Launch event. The Alliance has some solid achievements other than growing from the initial ten members to the present day 17 members.


What are these achievements?


A websites - (Annie and Wal Lotocki)

Data Base of Shows/History of shows and a monthly Theatre Guide (Annie Lotocki)


A quarterly or bi-annual directory of all shows collated, printed and professionally distributed (Joel Beskin & Annie Lotocki)


Historically the Alliance had regular advertising programme every Thursday in the Gold Coast Bulletin which had to be discontinued due to cost

A weekly radio programme (Joel Beskin, Nathan Schulz)

 A Face Book page (Annie Lotocki Peta Simeon)

*A Twitter account (Wal Lotocki)


You Tube and Google Plus


The application and obtaining of a grant of over $40,000 dollars to buy computers, computer programmes, printers, scanners and digital cameras for all companies – 11 at the time.


The same grant enabled the Alliance to set up its own web site which is updated as soon as information is received and advertises all shows/auditions and events by members (on a voluntary basis by Annie & Wal Lotocki since its inception)


This marketing has made Live Performance visible and accessible


Delegates come together once every two months for meetings and this has created a forum for discussion and cross pollination of ideas and improved communication between Performance companies. The executive meetings are alternate months to the general delegate meetings.


An Annual Launch also brings companies together to perform and celebrate. The Launch of the next years programmes has created strong forward planning and better marketing opportunities.


There has been a development over the years of sharing and networking which has grown into a large family of performing artists and workers involved at all levels of the Arts. They move frequently between companies and go more regularly to shows presented by other companies than their own member company. Actors and Directors move freely between companies; Companies now share in producing and performing at events.


The Alliance now includes a large number of musical, choral and training organisations rather than just theatre companies.


The Alliance has negotiated two  on-line booking systems and organised the training of all interested members in one system and had interstate guest speaker for the other.


Over the years numerous educational workshops have also been organised for the benefit of members.


Recognition by public authorities is an area where the alliance has also gained stature*


In 2001 members of the Alliance mounted 43 seasons; In 2014 there were over 100 seasons mounted . A History of shows produced yearly has been added to this website inclusive of the years 1997 - 2022 .


In 2014 the inaugural BreaKaleg Talent Quest was created as part of the Launch of Shows to encourage talent and this has grown substantially in the 2015 BreaKaLeg.


In 2015 the Alliance produced the first Gold Coast Community Performance Festival - ArtsFest GC on the 6th December at Helensvale Cultural Centre with over 200 performers and over 70 volunteers working the site. There were over 800 visitors to ArtsFest 2015


As Joel Beskin said in a previous President’s Report:


“We have found that by co-operation we can achieve much”


The Alliance has created a “Community of Interest” and a vibrant performance community such as we have is an example of how community groups coming together can become a vital and successful part of a very special Cultural Community. The  annual Launch/Showcase  - ArtsFest GC and BreaKaLeg celebrates this vibrant community and our sense of belonging to a group of talented, hardworking and professional Community Artists.


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