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Photo Gallery of Gold Coast Theatre Alliance DSA - Heroes 



The inaugural DSA's in 2014 were:

Edna Woodall, Christine Harris, Norm Strambini, Annie Lotocki, Wal Lotocki, Lauren Steele, Jacqui Goodlife, Joan Stalker Brown, Jennifer Fitzgerald, John Rees-Osborne, Jeanie Hattendorf


2015 - DSA's

Joel Beskin, Christine McLachlan, Marie Nicholson, Lyn McBurney, Noella Johnson, Kevin Johnson, Lachlan Glasby, Joyce Grant, Leif Dolerud, Valerie Cooney, Cathy Jamieson, Glenn Brash, Damian and Debbbie Dundon.


2016 - DSA's:

Peter and Gail Barrett, Patsy Drew, Hugh Brophy, Julanne Shearer, Bev Lloyd, Gary Johns, Doug Williams, Colin Crow, Wendy Barnes, Shirley King, Brenda Warren, and Jillian Rawlings,


2017 - DSA's

Pam Marsh, Ian Young, Tracey Moore, Margaret Brydon,  Rod Drummond, Robyn Crossan, Di Morgan, Graham Schultz, Raelene Richards, Coral Kelly, Kay Boxall, Terry Docker, Bryanne Jardine, Rianna Hartney- Smith, Lachlan Mitcherson


2018 - DSA's

Anne Britt Riget, Jim Dickson, Marie Dickson, Jim Fury, Natalie Trengove, Peter Gray, Rosemary Hume, Christine McLachlan, Darren Campbell, Sharon Vassallo, Russell Williams, Anne Williams, Gillian Butcher, Cecile Campbell, Brydie Hanna, Christine Dickinson, Lyn Smith, Gill Sumerville


2019 DSA's

Henk Steenhuis, Margaret Radcliffe, John Foggerty, Eric Rea, Trevor Love, Denise Banner,

Zoe Nourse, Lea Vosti, Jan Whackett, Kate Tardy, Sonia Gava and Helen Maden.

2020 DSA's

Diana Gibson – Spotlight Theatre

Kay Hawker – Spotlight Theatre

Dianne Robinson – Murwillumbah Theatre Company

Ralph Naudi – Tweed Theatre Company


2021 DSA's

Ken Corbitt – Murwillumbah Theatre Company

Judith Dautel – Spotlight Theatre Company

Pina Omeros – Spotlight Theatre Company

Julie Burnett – Tweed Theatre Company

Cherie Goosey – Tweed Theatre Company

Ted and Dorothy Henderson - Gold Coast Little Theatre; Gold Coast Theatre Alliance

Lawrie Yakimoff – Gold Coast City Choir; Gold Coast Theatre Alliance

Gillian Crow – Javeenbah Theatre Company

Pamela Payne – Tugun Theatre Company

Duncan Sims – Spotlight Theatre Company; Gold Coast Theatre Alliance.

DSA Recipients 2022

Claudine Anderson  - Mercury's Wings Theatre

James Anderson - Mercury's Wings Theatre

Warwick Binney - Ballina Players, Gold Coast Theatre Alliance

Catherine Buckley - Tamborine Mountain Little Theatre, Gold Coast Theatre Alliance

Dawn China, - Gold Coast Theatre Alliance

Sandra Drummond - Tweed Theatre Company, Gold Coast Theatre Alliance

Clay English - Spotlight Theatrical Company

Kaela Gray - Javeenbah Theatre

Clem Halpin - Spotlight Theatrical Company,  Gold Coast Theatre Alliance

Shelly Halpin - Spotlight Theatrical Company,  Gold Coast Theatre Alliance

Del Halpin - Gold Coast Little Theatre, Gold Coast Theatre Alliance

Kathryn Henderson,Spotlight Theatrical Company, 

Barbara Lassiter - Tamborine Mountain Little Theatre, Gold Coast Theatre Alliance

Val Leftwich - Spotlight Theatrical Company,

Roger McKenzie - Tugun Theatre Company

Lorraine McLean - Gold Coast Little Theatre, Gold Coast Theatre Alliance

Nathan Schulz - The Drama Merchant, Gold Coast Theatre Alliance

Michael Thomas - Spotlight Theatrical Company

Julie West - Murwillumbah Theatre Company

Shirley Whitehouse - Gold Coast Little Theatre



The DSA - Hero Awards were established by the Gold Coast Theatre Alliance in 2014 for those volunteers in our Community Arts sector who have given exceptional service over many years. Member companies nominate and submit their nominees to the executive of the alliance accompanied by a 200 word citation. It is normally expected that award nominations are given by member companies to those who have spent many years of service serving the Community Performance Arts in a variety of capacities. In some cases, the contribution may have been exceptional over a shorter period. Many of our DSA’s have served for over twenty years – some for over 40 years. The GCTAI executive ratifies and confirms the authenticity of the nominations before conferring the Award to a nominee. Awardees are presented with DSA badges and certificates - normally in the January following their year of nomination. The presentation is given at the Annual Launch of shows which is the major annual Gold Coast Theatre Alliance Event. In 2020 - 2021 our Annual event had to be cancelled due to the Covid pandemic. The Awards were announced online on the 23rd January 2022.

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