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Auditions for Proof at Tugun Theatre Company

Auditions for David Auburn's "Proof" will be held in May for the Tugun Theatre Company's August production. The Gold Coast Theatre Alliance has reached out to director Judy Neumann for additional details regarding the auditions to this Pulitzer Prize-winning play that explores the relationship between a father and daughter who are both mathematicians.

Photo by Dan Ryan
Director - Judy Nuemann

Tell us about yourself:

I was born in the USA, arriving in Australia many years ago to marry my Aussie husband. I’ve been acting since I was a teenager in California. My husband and I relocated from Sydney to the Gold Coast a decade ago and I was thrilled at the variety of community theatre here. Since then, I’ve acted in six Gold Coast productions, including ‘Dixie Swim Club’ at Tugun Theatre. Last year, I discovered directing for the first time (‘Crimes of the Heart’, Tugun Theatre). and I absolutely loved the challenge which is why I’m doing it again this year. Other strings to my bow include being on the management committee of Tugun Theatre as Secretary, being the mother of a poodle, writing short stories and singing in Fasolati Choir.

Tell us about your team:

My Assistant Director, Gai Byrne, is a wonderful actor and director with experience spanning live theatre (musicals, comedies and dramas) as well as tv and movies. She has a great eye for improving the action and heart of a play, which I’ll be gratefully using. My Stage Manager, Cecile Campbell, is an experienced and wonderfully talented director and actor. Charlie Graham will be designing my lighting and he is amazingly creative.

What sort of availability should those successful in auditions have for rehearsals?

We rehearse every Monday and Thursday night from 7pm, with a couple of Saturday’s and Sunday’s in the mix (weekend afternoons). You would need to be present at ALL performances, which means 10, 11, 12, 17, 18, 19 24, 25 and 26 August evenings and Saturday matinees on 12 and 19 August. Those performance dates and times cannot be altered.

Tell us a little about the play

Proof is the story of an enigmatic young woman, her manipulative sister, their brilliant father and an unexpected suitor. They are all puzzle pieces in the search for a mysterious mathematical proof. Has Catherine inherited her father’s genius – along with his madness? Winner of the Pulitzer Prize for Drama and Tony Award for Best Play, ‘Proof’ explores family ties, truth and trust, the nature of genius and the redemptive power of love.

Why did you choose to do this production, what drew you to it:

I am fascinated by nature versus nurture. Are you just irrevocably ‘who you are’, a product of your physical birth and genes, or can you buck your inheritance and change through environment or force of will? I saw the play performed in Sydney and thought it was compelling, fast-paced and touching.

What are you looking for during auditions?

No need to prepare anything. Everyone will do a scene or two from the play as a cold reading. You will require a standard (NOT Southern) American accent – but if you meet me halfway (i.e. show me your potential), I can get you there. Gaining a deep understanding of the complex characters in ‘Proof’ will help you win the part.

When are auditions taking place and how can people apply.

Auditions will be held Monday, 15 May at 7pm at Tugun Theatre, 414 Coolangatta Road, Tugun. If you would like any further information (like details about the characters or to read the script), please contact me at

What kind of challenges / experiences will the performers look forward to if successful in audition:

We have a lot of fun at Tugun Theatre as we’re a close-knit team which becomes like family. But we’re also dedicated to creating beautiful, entertaining shows to stir your heart. To be successful takes dedication, commitment, work. (If you love what you do, it’s not work though!) All four characters in ‘Proof’ (2 male and 2 female) are challenging, meaty,

multi-layered roles which will show off your talent.

Are you looking for anyone to help run sound, lighting & or be stage crew?

Always!! We love to have new volunteers helping out please contact me at

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