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Girls' Weekend, a farce directed by Fran Legge and assistant Director Liz Van Eck, will have auditions on Monday 14th December at 6.30pm at the theatre.

Dates of the show are 19-28 March 2021, and rehearsals will be on Monday & Thursday evenings.

The character outlines are below and there is a full Audition Pack on the website by clicking here.

DOT: 50 to 60 something. Orchestrates the weekend. Has a 30 something year old son, Stephen.

MEG: 40s. Dating Stephen. Has a 20 something year old daughter, Ellie.

CAROL: 30s. Trying to have a baby with her husband, Rick.

ELLIE: 20s. Single. Free spirit. Doesn't really want to be there.

STEPHEN: 30s. Dot's son. In a relationship with Meg.

RICK: 30s. Carol's husband.

SHERIFF TOM LANE: 40s. Divorced. Newly elected.

BUBBA: 20s. Townie. Went to college with Ellie. Currently working for his dad

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