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RED HAT WINNER 2020 - 2021

Shirley King

It is with great pleasure, that the Gold Coast Theatre Alliance presents the 2020/1 RED HAT AWARD to Shirley King. Shirley is a hardworking, long-time member of Spotlight Theatre, respected for her very fair and balanced views and for always giving people the benefit of the doubt. She never enters into confrontation or gossip and her kind, gentle nature is loved and respected by the Spotlight family.

Shirley is a classically trained singer, and when you see the graceful way that she carries herself, it’s no surprise to learn that she is also a trained ballet and tap dancer.

Shirley has performed in theatre restaurants, community theatre, seniors homes and nursing homes, and in doing so, has brought pleasure to tens of thousands of people over many decades.

She took the lead role of ‘Mame’ in 1982 and Lois in ‘Kiss me Kate’ in ’83 while also acting as Spotlight Theatre President. Shirley worked as our production chairperson for ‘Music Man’ and assistant to the director for ‘Irene’ in ’86 and ’87 while also starring in ‘Sweet Charity’. From 1988 to 1990, Shirley performed in productions like ‘The Sentimental Bloke’, ‘Dames At Sea’ and ‘Fiddler on the Roof’ while also working as Choreographer for ‘Steps In Time’ and Production Manager for ‘Camelot’. In 1998 she played Mother Superior in ‘Nunsense 2’ , performed in ‘Follies’ and ‘Working’ then acted as Assistant to the director on ‘Applause’ in 2004.

In addition to Shirley’s creative talents, her administrative skills are endless. For example for several years in the 80’s she ran our youth theatre. She first became editor of the Spotlighter newsletter in 1982 , then became editor again in the year 2000 and still holds that position today. This 21year uninterrupted tenure in a huge, time-consuming job is an incredible achievement. From 2006 to 2010 Shirley produced the programs and flyers for all Spotlights shows and co-ordinated the production of theatre banners for 8 years until 2018. To this day, Shirley organises flyers, posters and postcards for each show and liaises with the Licensors to get the correct promotional material.

Shirley spent many years as a dedicated and efficient secretary for Spotlight, often trying to retire but stepping back into the seat many times to make sure the position was never vacant , all while travelling from NSW to perform her duties.

Despite the thousands of hours Shirley has volunteered to Spotlight, she’s busy on the home front too and manages a large property. In fact, her lawn mower is so big, it cost more than her car!!

Shirley has been tireless, selfless and generous beyond words to Spotlight and we are deeply indebted to her for decades of service. Shirley, we love you and thank you. You are one of a kind and you thoroughly deserve to be recognised as 2020-2021’s GCTAI Red Hat Award recipient.

EAGLE YOUTH AWARD 2020 - 2021 Millie Talbot – Spotlight Theatre Company

It is with great pleasure that the Gold Coast Theatre Alliance Inc award the talented Millie Talbot as the Eagle Youth Awardee for 2020 - 2021

The Citation for Millie Talbot submitted by Spotlight Theatre

Millie has been a constant blessing since she started with Spotlight Theatre when she arrived on the Gold Coast in 2008. During her time in Youth Theatre Millie was involved with costuming and back stage crew and part of the cast of many main stage performances as well as a regular on the pantomime scene.

Although Millie graduated from Youth Theatre her involvement with the theatre did not stop there, if anything it grew. Millie has graduated from performer to director and in true Mille style excelled.

Millie not only volunteers many hours in costuming, directing, performing, backstage crews, set design, to name just a few but in 2020 not only did she perform in “Firebringer” she has taken on the mammoth task of co-directing, sourcing and making all the Costumes, set design and building and also being a mentor to another Youth Theatre Graduate to direct his very first Pantomime.

Millie has a pure soul and as the saying goes “is beautiful inside and out”, she is loved by everyone. We as a theatre family are truly blessed that she chose us so many years ago and continues to enrich our lives with her presence.

YOUTH AWARDS 2020 - 2021

Congratulations to our Youth Winners

Millie Talbot – Spotlight Theatre Company

Samantha Price – Spotlight Theatre Company

Georgia Beck - Spotlight Theatre Company

Samantha Price Georgia Beck

Congratulations to our Distinguished Service Award Winners - The HEROES for 2020 - 2021

2020 DSA's

Diana Gibson – Spotlight Theatre

Kay Hawker – Spotlight Theatre

Dianne Robinson – Murwillumbah Theatre Company

Ralph Naudi – Tweed Theatre Company

2021 DSA's

Ken Corbitt – Murwillumbah Theatre Company

Judith Dautel – Spotlight Theatre Company

Pina Omeros – Spotlight Theatre Company

Julie Burnett – Tweed Theatre Company

Cherie Goosey – Tweed Theatre Company

Ted and Dorothy Henderson - Comedy Players, Gold Coast Little Theatre; Gold Coast Theatre Alliance

Lawrie Yakimoff – Gold Coast City Choir; Gold Coast Theatre Alliance

Gillian Crow – Javeenbah Theatre Company

Pamela Payne – Tugun Theatre Company

Duncan Sims – Spotlight Theatre Company; Gold Coast Theatre Alliance.

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