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Thanks to the incredible generosity from two anonymous supporters plus the backing of several local businesses plus ongoing attendance at productions for over 35 years, MTC Inc now has it's very own storage and rehearsal venue at Unit 23/9 Kite Cres, Murwillumbah.

The future of the performing arts within the creative Tweed Valley is guaranteed with this milestone.

They are enjoying the clean, modern building and are underway with the customizing of the space for all their needs, such as rehearsals and storage of sets, props, costumes and everything else an active theatre company uses.

They look forward to many more opportunities to extend their free "real hands on training" and work experience in the arts and skills of theatre to residents of all ages. Come along and get involved!

To every volunteer who has assisted with the massive task of relocating from the Piggery to the new premises, the committee offer their genuine thanks. Hours of sorting, cleaning, carpet laying, loading, carrying and transporting made this happen!!!!

A very special thanks to Jim and Debbie Dickinson, Mark and Trudie Penman, Bill Larkin and David Crossan.

Finally to our two anonymous benefactors we express these few words of our genuine and lasting gratitude.

"The most truly generous persons are those who give silently without hope of praise or reward".

A few photos of MTC members and friends helping with the big move!

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