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THE NO BANG THEORY at HOTA September 9 at 7pm

Autism isn’t a punchline, it’s a line that’s likely to get you punched.

Autistic performer Oliver Hetherington-Page knows that all too well. He is so fed up with ridiculous stereotypes about autism fuelled by television shows such as The Big Bang Theory that he’s decided to set the record straight. He’s bringing his first one-man cabaret “The No Bang Theory” to the Gold Coast in September. The musical journey from dating disasters to diagnosis through #actuallyautistic eyes premiered to rave reviews at the Access Arts Festival in Queensland Theatre’s Bille Brown Theatre in September 2021.

Described as brilliant, funny, raw, honest by ABC Brisbane presenter Kelly Higgins-Devine, the show uses musical theatre songs and life stories to debunk the “cute” autism myth created by characters such as The Big Bang Theory’s Sheldon Cooper. The brutal honesty, insight and humour of the work received rave reviews.

It was storytelling from the heart It’s not every day that someone is so candid and honest on stage. It’s not every day that someone digs so deep and lets you sit there with them and listen. But Oliver did and I think that that’s one of the bravest things a human, let alone an artist, could do.

Virag Dombay; Nothing Ever Happens in Brisbane

Parody songs, musical references, and playful storytelling brought to light the “ugly” and the topics that many people may not know or talk about. Hetherington-Page has effectively used his platform to fight stereotypes, educate audiences, and bring fun and laughter to the stage.

Isabel Davies; Theatrehaus

It’s a show about coming of age, It’s a show about the other. He’s a fabulous talent.

Brett Debritz, 4BC

Oliver Heatherington Page

Oliver ‘s brutal honesty extends to the fact he is a 24-year-old virgin, desperately waiting that Big Bang. Sheldon has a girlfriend. Sheldon is a science nerd. Oliver is a theatre kid. Sheldon is obsessed with trains. Oliver is hyper-fixated on musicals. Sheldon’s autism is portrayed as cute. Oliver is too often seen as weird;

“I believe that great humour comes from truth. Being authentic and telling these stories truthfully is always going to be funnier than a stereotype”; Oliver said.

The No Bang Theory will have its Gold Coast debut at The Basement at HOTA, on Friday September 9 at 7pm.

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