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CHARITABLE INTENT opens at Gold Coast Little Theatre


An Australian Drama

Enabling & Caring "The caring body that doesn't give a damn." Power struggles, combative personalities and generational conflict are rife in this satirical look at workplace politics. The changing of the guard and battle between old and new ways of doing things is all too familiar. Proper mediation will surely bring an end to this toxic work environment, right? From the moment they enter the workplace conference to resolve ructions enveloping their charity organisation, it’s easy to spot the good, the bad and the in-between.

Playwright David Williamson

Flinty and poised, Bryony is the chief executive of an organisation called Enabling and Caring, which aims to help the intellectually and physically impaired. But Bryony’s self-aggrandising vision and fund-raising ploys take a terrible toll. It’s typically a case of the new guard riding roughshod over the old as the diligent and devoted are made to look recalcitrant and complacent. The board has called for mediation because the relationship between staff members has become untenable. The employees at E &C are all fighting for their jobs which creates an interesting powder keg of emotions as friend and colleagues are sometimes thrown under the bus. Which creates an amusing situation for the audience to watch, but for the characters it very serious.

Production by GCLT 2022

Directed by Gael Ballantyne

A community theatre production by arrangement with Cameron’s Management. Gold Coast Little Theatre 21a Scarborough Street, Southport To secure your tickets or to make a group booking: Email, call 5532 2096 or visit Box office open Monday, Wednesday & Friday 10-2pm during show season.


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